My Approach

Above all, I believe in building meaningful, lasting relationships with the couples I serve.

Together, we will create real, fun, lovable memories to cherish for years to come.

Your personality will shine through every photo: the way you lovingly look at one another, the sweet gestures shared between the two of you... everything will be captured perfectly and beautifully.

The hands that you hold today were carefully crafted for you, and made in the eyes of God. Those same hands held your sweet face for your first kiss, and they nervously held your hands as he placed that sparkley diamond ring on your finger the day you became engaged. Those hands will help build your first home together, and they'll hold you tight on the day you both say 'I DO'. Those gentle hands will hold your first born baby with loving tenderness, be there through the good times, and the bad. Those same hands will grow old with you, and gently comfort you as you watch your children move away to start their own lives. 

My couples believe in love, they believe in marriage and what it stands for. They believe in building beautiful lives together. They believe in the hands they choose to promise their whole world to, and that is something that is so beautiful....


You're engaged! It's time to plan the most amazing celebration of your life! I'll be there every step along the way, and guide you on the most amazing experience. I'll help you feel loved, and important, because you are, and your love story matters to me! 


My time as a wedding photographer has taught me many things, but the most important reminder of all is to cherish this season of your lives, slow down, and remember that once all the planning is finished, once your day arrives and the celebration begins, that, my friend, is when the real journey begins!

*A donation is always made to The American Cancer Society when you book with me*



Whether you were just married last year, or 50 years ago, grab that special person by the hand, and meet me in a grassy, sun-soaked field, and lets take some romantic anniversary portraits together. You can't go wrong loving on your someone in front of my camera. Plus, you'll have sweet portraits to pass down for generations to come!