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Tara Liebeck is a wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer based here in Virginia. She loves to travel and photograph new places. When she's not holding a camera in her hand, she enjoys shopping, watching Greys Anatomy, cooking to a certain extent, beaching it up, kissing her ADORABLE 3 year old all over her cute little face!

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Kristen & Jason | Virginia Wedding Photographer | Virginia Beach, VA

Virginia and Destination Wedding Photographer

Kristen and Jason met through mutual friends while attending Virginia Tech. She described the night like this…. she came out with a girl friend from her sorority, and Jasons friend from his fraternity brought him out that night. Although Jason didn’t speak to Kristen right away, he called dibs on her. His friends weren’t allowed…


Ashley & Jesse | Main Street Station Wedding | Richmond, Virginia Wedding Photographer

Virginia and Destination Wedding Photographer

Ashley and Jesse, I have to start off by saying how much I adore you two, and how much you mean to me!! Your wedding was fabulous, bright, fun and happy, which totally fits  both of your personalities so perfectly!! Ashley & Jesse were married at the gorgeous venue, Main Street Station, where Jesse actually…


Addy Turns 5 Today | Personal

Virginia and Destination Wedding Photographer

Dear Addy, I hope when you get older, you’ll understand how much you mean to me. Everyday, the struggles, the tears, the laughter, the love, the fun, the heartache, the smiles, everything, I do it all for you. You are an amazing young lady. Not every day is perfect, but its our own. Everyday I…