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Tara Liebeck is a wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer based here in Virginia. She loves to travel and photograph new places. When she's not holding a camera in her hand, she enjoys shopping, watching Greys Anatomy, cooking to a certain extent, beaching it up, kissing her ADORABLE 3 year old all over her cute little face!

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A Southern, Navy blue and gold Back Bay Farms wedding in Virginia Beach, VA with Tara Liebeck Photography_2552

Jessica & Ryan | A Back Bay Farms Wedding | Virginia Wedding Photographer

Virginia & Destination Wedding Photographer

Jessica and Ryan were surrounded by their closest family and friends last Saturday, and had the most amazing Wedding celebration ever! I mean, seriously it was epic! The sun was shining, the weather was gorgeous, there was laughter all around, and their Grandparents who recently passed away earlier this year were smiling down on them….

Downtown Annapolis engagement session, The Naval Academy with Tara Liebeck Photography_2295

Katelin & Chris | Annapolis, Maryland Engagement Session| Naval Academy

Virginia & Destination Wedding Photographer

Katelin and Chris were 15 years old when they found each other… And Katelin is the one who wrote Chris a note, asking him to the dance… He said yes. Ever since, these two have been inseparable, and now they’re getting married next fall! Katelin attends Missouri University, while Chris attends The Naval Academy in…

Back bay farm wedding in Virginia Beach wedding with Tara Liebeck Photography_2254

Mentoring Mondays |Tips to create balance for the working Parent/Creative

Mentoring Mondays | Virginia and Destination Wedding Photographer

Being a Creative isn’t always easy, and not just for the creative person, but for their families and friends as well. When I decided I wanted to become a photographer, I never could have imagined how crazy my life would get… And it didnt get that way on its own, I allowed it… I wasn’t the…

Downtown Abbey Wedding at the John Marshall Ballroom with Tara Liebeck Photography, Richmond Virginia_1903

Meredith & Aaron | John Marshall Ballroom Wedding | Richmond, Virginia Wedding photographer

Virginia and Destination Wedding Photographer

As I drove to Richmond, Virginia Friday morning, the anticipation was building inside me! I’d never actually met Aaron or Meredith before, but as soon as I arrived in the bridal suite of The John Marshall Ballroom, it was like we’d known each other for years! It was the same with Aaron. With rain taunting us every…


Getting Yourself Published on a Wedding Blog | Virginia and Destination Wedding Photography

Virginia and Destination Wedding Photographer

  Being published anytime during your career as a wedding professional is a huge deal, and its something to not take lightly! When I first started submitting weddings and styled shoots I’d photographed, I would get my heart broken over and over because ‘THE ONE’ wedding blog I was dying to get in didnt choose…


Kristen & Jason | Virginia Wedding Photographer | Virginia Beach, VA

Virginia and Destination Wedding Photographer

Kristen and Jason met through mutual friends while attending Virginia Tech. She described the night like this…. she came out with a girl friend from her sorority, and Jasons friend from his fraternity brought him out that night. Although Jason didn’t speak to Kristen right away, he called dibs on her. His friends weren’t allowed…